Carpenter Ant & Acrobat Ant Defense

Unlike termites, carpenter ants do not eat wood for food, but they do live in the wood. They carve out tunnels and caverns, and as their colony grows, so does the amount of damage they cause.

Acrobat ants are a different species of wood destroying ant that are common in Dallas / Ft. Worth. They have the same behavior and are equally dangerous. We often find them trailing off trees and shrubs (especially crape myrtles) right onto a home. Once they establish themselves, they set up satellite colonies in different locations around your home or business, thus a thorough treatment for the entire structure is usually necessary to ensure 100% control.

These wood destroying ant species typically have entry and exit holes into their dwellings. It is through some of these holes that they will dump their trash out, which could include wood particles and bug parts etc.  We call this “frass.” An invasion is sometimes only noticed due to a pile of frass in a window seal or elsewhere in a home.

Call us at 469-964-5195 for an inspection if you are unsure of what you might have invading your home, but don’t wait until they have already caused damage to your property. An ant is NOT just an ant!