Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide eco-friendly services?

You bet, that’s exactly what we do!  Using a combination of Integrated Pest Management techniques and reduced risk products, we can satisfy even clients that are sensitive to other pest control programs.

What if it rains?

Pest Control:  If we’re performing a pest control treatment for your home or business that day, no action is necessary.  We always perform our services as usual and can incorporate our “rainy day” treatment package if necessary.

Mosquitoes:  We use something called an adjuvant or surfactant when treating your property which allows it, once dry, to withstand rainfall and be effective for up to 3 weeks.  We constantly monitor the radar every day during mosquito season to ensure we can apply our treatments and give them time to dry. Thus, while we can’t treat your yard while it is raining, we can easily treat it before or after the rain as long as it can dry and give you effective results.

Our team contacts you if we will not be able to treat your property on the regularly scheduled day, so there’s no need for you to worry about the weather.  You also always still receive the same warranty no matter what the weather does.

Can I leave my dog outside?

Please no.  While we’re confident we could work around pets if necessary, we ask that you keep your pets inside during any outdoor treatment until the treatment has time to dry.  Typically that’s 45 minutes to an hour. If we arrive and your pets are outdoors and nobody is home, we will reschedule your appointment to a future date when we are close to your area.

What about my pets inside?

While no products that we use inside your home should have negative effects on your pets, if you have a particularly nosy animal that might lick up our treatments, it might be best to put them up while we are there.  More than anything, that would simply “undo” what we’re trying to accomplish. If we have to move any food or water bowls etc, we can do it while we’re there.

The only service where we typically ask you to stay out of the house (including your pets) is indoor flea service.  Even then, it’s only for about an hour so everything can dry, and if you have to come in it’s no problem, we can just be really thorough if we don’t have to work around other people or animals.  Otherwise, we hope that you (and your pets) don’t even see what we’ve done when we are finished.

What if I can’t be home?

No problem, just leave your gates unlocked for us and we can provide your outdoor services as usual.  If inside treatment is required, we can schedule that portion of the service for a later date when someone is available to be home.

Do you offer indoor services?

Yes we do, all of our pest control services for your house or business come with an indoor and outdoor component.  We recommend having indoors treated once per year, but as long as there are no problems popping up, the rest of the treatments could be handled outdoors only.  Some clients want indoor service every appointment, and other don’t want it at all, so that’s entirely up to you.

Will your pest or mosquito treatments kill my plants / flowers?

Nothing we use will harm your plants or flowers.  We take measures to avoid flowering plants to help our bees, but otherwise you won’t have to worry about your plants.

How long after a treatment can I expect complete control?

That depends on the pest and what type of service but here’s a quick guide:

General Pest Control (ants, roaches, spiders etc): Effective after drying but increased activity for a few days is possible.  Complete control after 10-14 days. Warranty – 3 months.

Mosquitoes:  Effective quickly after drying, complete control in 2-3 days. Warranty – 3 weeks.

Termites / Carpenter Ants / Acrobat Ants:  Slow acting, effective after 10-14 days, complete control after 30-40 days.  Warranty – 1 year.