Commercial Pest Control

Restaurants require different pest defense strategies than large storage warehouses, thus we have designed specific treatment programs tailored for many different types of businesses.

  • Restaurants
  • Require more frequent services due to food handling and foot traffic.
  • Health inspectors require proof of regular pest control service during inspections.
  • Moving / Freight Companies – Large Warehouses and internal offices.
  • Military Compliance where necessary
  • Food Grade pest control where necessary
  • Stand Alone Buildings – dentists, sign shops, almost anything that is in a stand alone building is subject to pest invasions.
  • Hospitals / Doctor’s Offices
  • Schools / Daycares
  • Retail Centers / Business Complexes – Landlords typically do not cover pest control service for their tenants, so businesses of all shapes and sizes run into a need for Green Defense Pest Control.

Landlords & Property Management Companies

We partner with private landlords, as well as larger property management companies, to take care of their rental properties.  It is understood that we represent you when we go to visit your client or tenant, and thus our service and behavior must reflect that.

  • Services designed specifically for that type of business
  • Constant line of communication with management or tenants