Rodent Defense

Lying awake at night listening to scratching above your bed, or the pitter patter of tiny feet running through your attic? Or possibly from down below if you have a pier and beam foundation? Chances are that rodents have found their way into your home and are making a nice home for themselves. We believe all animals have a place in this world, just not in your house!

Our rodent services come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee and include:

  • Exclusion – Identifying and blocking off all entry points from the outside to ensure nothing can come and go any longer.
  • We use only metal materials (i.e. flashing, hardware cloth) so they cannot simply chew their way back in
  • Common areas include attic vents, soffit gaps, AC Line entry, water spouts etc
  • Trapping – We place catch and remove traps in the attic (or under the house) so that anything stuck inside when we perform exclusion gets caught in our traps and removed from the area. We schedule as many return trips as it takes until we are all satisfied that we have removed all of the activity from your home.
  • Rats and mice are caught in “snap traps”
  • Squirrels, opossums, raccoons and any other larger animals are caught in live animal traps and removed
  • Baiting – Outdoor bait stations can be placed around the property to help control rodent populations outside. We NEVER use bait inside the attic or under the house because you will end up with something dead there that you can’t find, and that’s a problem you absolutely do not want.