Flea & Tick Defense

Fleas are not just a problem outdoors, they can harbor almost anywhere in your home.  Carpet, rugs, furniture, pet bedding, and even cracks in wood flooring and floor tile joints can be susceptible.  Treating your pet is just the first step of an effective flea defense program and should be accompanied by solutions for the environment (inside and/or outside).

Adult fleas account for only about 5% of the total flea population, so it is imperative to target all the different stages of their life cycle to gain complete elimination and control.

  • Keep your pet flea free – That’s up to you!
  • Always consult your veterinarian to find the right product to suit your, and your pet’s needs.
  • Pets can react negatively to some medications so purchasing over the internet is not recommended.
  • Keep your home & yard flea free – Call Green Defense!
  • Remember, the adult fleas living on your pet only comprise about 5% of the population.
  • We treat your yard with multiple products to take care of not only the adults but also the larvae, pupae, and unhatched eggs.
  • Indoor treatments are performed using a low toxity, pleasant smelling aerosol spray that is a combination of adulticide and ingredients for the larvae and pupae etc.
  • The right combination of products applied at the right time of year (typically Spring or early Summer) can provide you with a flea free yard all year.
  • Effective against ticks and chiggers as well

Before Treatment

  • Vacuum carpet, rugs, and furniture
  • Clean & clear floors
  • Remove clutter
  • Children’s/Pets’ toys
  • Food & Water bowls
  • Under beds & furniture
  • Mow your lawn

After Treatment

  • Vacuum every other day for two to three weeks
  • Place vacuum bag, or empty canister, into a sealed plastic bag and dispose in an outdoor receptacle (not the kitchen trash!).
  • Flea pupae can be immune to insecticides, so vacuuming as described here will alleviate a reinfestation.