Green Defense Pest Control

Green Defense Pest Control is your best option to defend your home from most of the pest invasions we face in Dallas / Ft Worth.  We schedule four (quarterly) services at your home per year, and any problems that arise between regularly scheduled appointments will be taken care of at no additional charge.

  • Semi-Annual and One-Time Services are also available
  • Outside Only Treatments Available for ease of scheduling.
  • Indoor Treatments
  • We recommend indoor treatments once per year as long as there are no other issues happening inside.
  • We are happy to treat indoors at each service if you prefer, or not at all!
  • 100% Re-treatment Guarantee
  • Defense from cockroaches, spiders, wasps, ants (not carpenter or acrobat), fire ants (except in oversized yards), scorpions, pill bugs, springtails, crickets, earwigs, silverfish, centipedes, and millipedes.

IPM – Integrated Pest Management

Our services are all designed using the principles of Integrated Pest Management.  Essentially that means we take a ecological and scientific approach to identify the conditions around your home that are susceptible to pest invasions.  There are sometimes steps that can be taken, without the use of insecticides, to correct those conditions.

In the DFW area, treatments are often still necessary whether it be offensive (eliminating an infestation) or defensive (keeping them out).  To that end we only utilize products classified as reduced risk by the EPA.  Technology has progressed to allow us to use materials that are extremely effective against the pests that we are fighting, and they do so without negatively affecting the environment or your family, friends, and pets.  By further utilizing other technologies such as baits and insect growth regulators, we can defend you against invasions without increased risk.

Seasonal Variations

Each season comes with its own variety of pests that thrive during that time, and that does include Winter here in Texas.  Our services vary as well to match the season to ensure we effectively respond to the changes in the environment.