Turf Pest Defense

Certain turf pests are common to North Texas lawns and need to be dealt with to protect your landscaping from potentially detrimental insects.

  • Aphids
  • Common in this area, especially in crape myrtles.
  • Evidence includes white spots of excretion and/or blackening of limbs and leaves.
  • Occasionally found in yards where we have eliminated the mosquito population thus allowing an up tick of aphids. One treatment for the aphids is all that is necessary to restore order.
  • Grubs
  • Often noticed by irregular areas of dead grass.
  • Can also be identified by opossums tearing up flower beds and vegetation digging for grubs underground.
  • Chinch Bugs
  • Circular area of grass mis-colored or dead
  • Dead grass may not return to health until new growing season