What are these tiny bugs in my bathtub?

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Are they tiny black bugs that seem to jump when you try to catch or squish them?  Chances are they could be springtails.

Springtails are tiny wingless organisms that seek out moisture rich environments to live in and can often be seen living in mass numbers.  They are essentially harmless but often folks are surprised by them coming up into their bathtubs or sinks. Especially when it begins to warm up outside and moist conditions outside are harder to find, we’ll see them invading indoors.

Sometimes they can mistaken for fleas because they “jump,” but really they have a tiny little spring on their hind end that propels them away from danger.  Luckily they are fairly easy to eliminate if you have an invasion. Also ensuring you don’t have elevated levels of moisture around your house will help as well (i.e. leaky faucets, pool equipment, sprinklers etc).  Call us if you suspect you have springtails or need some help getting rid of them.

7 Tips to Stop Mosquitoes Breeding in your yard.

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It says 7 tips, but it can all be really summed up in one point…standing water.  Any amount of standing water, even a tiny water bottle cap, has the potential to support breeding mosquitoes.  Pregnant female mosquitoes are only looking for two things. 1. Blood 2. Some water to lay their eggs.

The first and most important step in any mosquito defense program is to eliminate any and all of the standing water around your property.  Those places include:

  • French Drains (may need to be screened off)
  • Bird baths
  • Gutters
  • Swimming Pool Equipment
  • Childrens’ or Pets’ toys
  • Buckets or Flower Pots
  • Neighbors

The last one, neighbors, is extremely important!  You can eliminate all the standing water in your yard, but if your neighbors don’t do the same you will still be facing an onslaught of problems from their yard(s).  So, please get out there and chat with your neighbors and make sure to keep all the standing water down around your property and the neighborhood. No amount of deet, or city spraying, or even companies like us treating your yard monthly will keep the mosquitoes away if you are breeding them in your yard.